On the Road  . . .
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Click for Leola, SD Forecast
If you have any good pictures of our horses or of a horse that you bought from us or that we raised - email me and we may add your picture. 
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* The SD Gang *
* More Coming Soon !!!*
* The resident buffalo know who's boss ... *
Click for Becker, MN Forecast
* Drifter & Skylar Reining at an AQHA Show *
* Oaklee & Amy Reining at an AQHA Show *
* Little Joe with Bailey, Caden & Luka *
* Jab & Luka showing in walk/trot *
* Tia, Bailey, Luka, & Skylar at the SD Ranch *
* Oak Lite & LeRoy reining in Aberdeen *
* Trails *
* Glory checks out a canoe while we take a break *
* Royal needs a nap  *
* Little Joe going for a dip  *
* Silver taking a swim  *
* Diamond is looking for fish  *
* Spell would rather inspect  feet  *
Trainers to friends to Family!
Mark and Melissa
Our annual trips to Lake Maria
Lydia and Spell
Jen and Spring
Sabrina and Ruby
Jen on Spring and Angela on Doc stretching their legs.
Mark on Jetta testing her speed.
Angela and Spell