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Our Focus is on Horsemanship, Saftey and Fun.  Once you learn how a Horse thinks and sees the world  you can learn how to communicate safely and effectively with horses which will make you a better horseperson and  rider.  

We LOVE HORSES - and we love teaching people about horses so that they can love horses too - we seek the best in our lessons and training. 

We take the time that you need to get a great start and to progress at your own individual ability.   

We trail ride and show.  We have won numerous awards, trophies, and money with horses that we have trained for show and year after year have earned national breed association standings. 

Our Facility is located on 80 acres and has large indoor/outdoor arenas, indoor training pen, paddocks and stalls.
*Horseback Riding Lessons

Biebers Red Willow Ranch offers riding lessons for all ages and disciplines. All lessons are private unless otherwise arranged. One on one instruction allows us to customize training to your needs and advance at your own pace. We emphasize a low stress, enjoyable training environment. We have experience with all age groups, toddlers through seniors citizens, and all skill levels. Lessons are offered year round in our indoor arena. 
We have experience in a wide range of disciplines:
western - reining - cutting - cattle work - english - huntseat  -  jumping - ect.

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*General Trail Riding

Putting the miles on is important.  Trail riding in our area consists of riding your horse through ditches and open fields, across water, and bridges, through trails with lots of trees, down the side roads, along a highway with steady traffic, and sometimes into town.  We have dogs, tractors with drags and mowers, and a steady amount of foot traffic for you and your horse to become accustomed to. 
*Horse Management Classes

Taking the leap into first time horse ownership or returning after years away? Protect yourself and your equine investment through classes in caring for your horse. Learn about stable management, feeding, grooming, tacking up, recognizing problems, and more. Consider boarding your new horse while you learn horse husbandry in a safe, supervised environment. 

*Problem Horses

We work with the horse and owner on how to correct any issues the horse may be having.  This includes problems with saddling, bridling, standing still for owner mounting, respecting owner, gate issues with barrel or game horses, spookiness on trail, reluctances leaving the yard, rearing, loading and unloading into trailers, and much more.  
*Horsemanship Instructions & Lessons

We offer general horsemanship and lessons from beginners to advanced riders.  This service is available with or without a horse.  
 *Sales Preps

Thinking of selling your horse and need help getting him or her ready for the big sale?  We can help!! We offer services that can help you get the most out of your horse.  We can ride and show your horse to your prospective buyers.  We will take the time to clean, wash, brush, and groom your horse so he looks his best when they arrive.  We can also offer advice on when and where you may have the best possible sale for your horse. These services and rates depend on each individuals needs, call for rates.
*Barrel Racing and other Gaming Events

Gaming events include barrels, poles, flag race, jumping, etc.  We can help you improve on any of these and more. Whether you plan to compete at the local level or the world championship level, we will work with you. 

Whether you plan to compete at the local level or the world championship level, we can help you reach your goals.  We offer full coaching, from novice to experienced rider, for you and your horse, at home and at shows. We can also show your horse for you (call for rates) or help you get your horse ready for you to show. 
*Horseback Riding Lessons
*General Trail Riding
*Problem Horses
*Horse Management Classes
 *Groundwork/Starting Under Saddle
*Barrel Racing & Other Gaming Events
Please call or email for more information:
 *Working Student Postions
We have a limited number of working student positions available. Students commit to a minimum of 3 days per week for a minimum of 12 weeks.  Students will work in stable with horses in exchange for experience, riding time, lessons, coaching, and/or horse training.   
Cost depends on committment and experience.

Beginner students will be taught to work in stable management: cleaning stalls, arena, grounds keeping, grooming, bathing horses, assisting vet, farrier, and tacking up and untacking.  (No Beginner Openings Available)

Advanced students may have the opportunity to participate in training horses. All students will have the opportunity to watch, learn, and ask questions about horses being trained at many different disciplines and training levels. 

Formal internships and apprenticeships may also be available. 
2023 Lesson Rates per person

1 hr individual lesson on our horse or a horse trailered in - $100
1 hour small group lesson $100 per person

1/2 hr individual lesson on our Horse or a horse trailered in $75

Limited Special:  Prepurchase 4 (1 hour) lessons for $375
lessons on special must be used by same individual and are non-refundable and non-transferable

Pre-purchase 8 Individual lessons: 1hr  for $750

These fees apply to all disciplines, skill levels, and age groups, including horse management classes.
**Young students must have a parent or guardian present throughout the lesson.

Bring a signed Liability Release to Your First Lesson
*Purchasing or Leasing a Horse

Thinking of buying or leasing a horse.  We can help you avoid the pitfalls that most inexperienced horse buyers fall into when looking for a horse.  If you are planning to eventually buy a horse, get instruction first.  Be sure you and your horse can walk, trot, and canter. The horse, no matter what you pay for it, is the cheapest investment.  The constant expense for feed, care and equipment will well exceed the purchase price of most horses.  There is a difference in a horse that is broke to ride and one that is safe for you to ride. 

 *Clinics and Group Lessons

These lessons may be in our arena, offsite, or on the trail.  People and horses are social creatures and learning to ride in a group environment can benefit both you and your horse.    
Rates vary for clinics and group lessons.
*Purchasing or Leasing a Horse
*Clinics and Group Lessons
*Working Student Positions
 *Sales Prep
*Groundwork and Starting Under Saddle

We work with the horse and owner  on groundwork and starting under saddle.  This includes lunging, roundpenning, desensitizing, leading, backing, flexing, yielding, introducing the horse to the saddle and bridle, mounting, first rides, and much more.  
Liability Release
*Parties and Events
*Horse Camps
 *Non-riding Equine Facilitaed Workshops 
 *Other Volunteer Opportunities

Organic Gardening, Landscaping, Grounds Keeping, Cleaning, Repairs, Fencing, Building/Constructing, Cutting Wood, Advertising and Marketing.

Volunteers can earn lessons, holistic sessions, or discounts on camps, workshops or retreats for 
 1 lesson for every approved 8-10 hours of productive volunteer time.  

Working Students and Volunteers must be able to work independently and productively, schedule with management, make regular progress reports.
*Volunteer Positions