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Since 6/12/07
Last updated: 6/12/2007
Phone:  763-261-2288 or 763-261-5215

Biebers Wendy
CW Silver
Oreos Silver Leo
Rosey's Leo
Oreos Silver Liner
Impressive Bandit
Impressive Spuds  (HYPP N/N)
Texas Snip

Johnny Dial
Moon Rocket
Eight Birdie
Vanzetta Charge (QH)
Vanzi Bar
Vanzetta Bar
Carol Red
2004 Buckskin Tobiano Stud Colt "Chance"
Biebers Silver Oak
1999 APHA Bay Tobiano Mare
Prices, photos, & other information may not be current.  Contact us for details on on any horse you have an interest
Scroll down the page or click link to see Wendy's foals at our Ranch.

Biebers Silver Chance
2007 Filly - Friday
2007 Filly
Black or Grulla
Biebers Major
Biebers Silver Chance