Biebers Vanity
Sire: Jingle Bell Rock by Jacks Jingles [by Miss Easy Camp (16 APHA pts)] & Rocket B (13 APHA pts) [by Rocket Bull (17 APHA Racing pts)]

   Dam:  Vanzetta Charge  (Performance ROM in Western Pleasure, Reining, & Cutting) by Moon Rocket & Vanzetta Bar.

Many Champions in her Pedigree including:
- Easy Ta Win (7 APHA pts),
- Top Drawer (3 APHA pts)
- Amigo Baby (31 Halter/63 Perf APHA pts),
- Adios Amigos (18 Halter/20 Perf APHA pts),
- Indian Music (Dam of many pt earners including Easy Jet Too),
- Smooth N Easy,
- Three Bars (TB - AQHA Hall of Fame),
- Rocket Bar,
- Jet Deck,
- Top Deck,
- Moon Deck,
- Man O'War
& More  
2002 Filly
Georgie Jingle Bar
APHA Black Solid Filly
Sire:  Little Joe Decker
Vanity passes on her gentleness & fast learning ability, for extremely athletic, light and sensitive foals.
Vanity is extremely intelligent and athletic.
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Biebers Vanity
3/29/03   -   Boo
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1998 Black Solid APHA Mare
SOLD Foals
Blue - 2005 Filly
Angel - 2006 Filly
Angel - 2006 Grulla Filly
Born 4/14/06
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The APHA decided to register this filly as a dun.  However genetically she is a grulla.   She should also be  homozygous for black as both her parents are homozygous for black.
EE - Homozygous for Black - so when crossed with Major her foals should also be homozygous for black.
Biebers Blue Storm - 2005 Black Filly
Born 2/28/05
Zip - 2007 Grulla Tobiano Stud Colt
Born 4/07/07
Desie - 2009 Black Tobiano Filly
Born 3/28/09
Desie is halter broke and leads.  She has also been trailered to horse shows with her dam - she loves the attention she gets from all the people, kids, and dogs at the shows.

Desie's sire and dam are both homozygous for the black gene - so she should be also.
Desie - 2009 Filly